Tea & Chocolate

We’re hot on our hot drinks … just as choosy about tea and hot chocolate as we are about coffee. We’ve partnered with two exceptional British companies to bring you the best of both.
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Jeeves & Jericho

Fine whole-leaf teas are so much more pure, subtle and flavoursome — taking tea drinking to another dimension.

We wanted to partner with a tea company who not only live and breathe their product, but are trying to innovate and stir things up. A young company with a contemporary outlook, whose enthusiasm and expertise shines through in everything they do.

And then we found Jeeves & Jericho - an independent British boutique tea company based near Oxford. They blend quality and tradition with a fresh, fun and up-to-the-moment approach to tea-making. The perfect blend.

Jeeves & Jericho offer a wide-range of fine whole-leaf speciality teas, from familiar favourites to more unusual, but equally tempting, blends.

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Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection serves up hot chocolate for aficionados. When we saw how they do things, we had no hesitation in asking them to become our cocoa partner.

The secret to their exceptional, award-winning hot chocolates is that they are prepared using tablets of real chocolate. And not any old chocolate either — but exquisite, single origin chocolate of different cocoa percentages from Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Madagascar.